Behind the backstage

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What are u doing if u were backstage at a fashion show like Marc Jacobs ?
If i was there , i want to see the models and see bustle of a fashion show from backstage.
What about you ?

Seen from this photo, the male models look happy to be in the back of stage.




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Aditya Ikhsan Prasiddha said...

are they gay?

Anonymous said...

So what if they are gay?

ratu alay said...

kalo ga ada foto tara .. komennya sepi bo.

Derek Herzner said...

oh please, you know nothing about fashion. the first picture there is Cole Mohr and he has a girlfriend. And I believe that even though many of them are gay, why should you bother anyway? it's none of your business. And let's say they're all gay, so what? they're filthy rich, dude! Plus, I'm not talking about you Tara, I like when you post something like this one. keep up the good job!

Anonymous said...

aditya --> homophobic gay.

Taylor Besigk said...

You're an asshole, Aditya stupid. Cole Mohr is fucking awesome, okay! And I'm gay, based on my exploration I know he's not (although I wish he were). Dear Derek Herzner, I love your statement.

macacamulata said...

there is no such thing as "behind the backstage"

Ada juga "behind the stage" atau "backstage" aja




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