+ Red For August

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sneakpeek for August photoshoot.

+ Shopbop & East Dane

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

If you as a couple must be a moment where both want to be able to shop at the same time in just one store. But when there is a shop that sells items for both of you, there is no time constraint was not looking to spend a long time in the store. Because the type of couple that you may easily get bored and would rather have privacy in positive activities together. No need to worry anymore you both can shop anywhere and anytime when you are together. I would like to introduce an online shop named SHOPBOP.COM and EASTDANE.COM. Online shop which is like this pair selling a variety of goods for you two from top to toe. What makes the difference is you can find goods from renowned international designers. Of course, with the good quality you'll also get a price in accordance with the goods. Sometimes a lot of people still think that low prices could make people interested in purchasing. But not always we have cheap goods. Goods with famous brands can be used as an investment in the future. 

The following are the items that are sold to women in SHOPBOP.COM. You can find a wide variety of goods such as a mini dress, skirt with unique details, or flat shoes are high heels, jewelry and accessories. Starting from a variety of colors sold here and also of course from a well-known international designer.

From left to right : 

From left to right :

From left to right :

Not to be outdone by SHOPBOP.COM, the goods are sold for men available in EASTDANE.COM. You can also find a wide range of goods from shirts, jackets, sweaters, to accessories like belts, watches and much more. Of course, also you can also choose from a wide variety of colors and from internationally renowned designers.

From left to right :

 From left to right :

From left to right :

So what are you waiting for ????? 
Let's invite your boyfriend or girlfriend, best friends, parents, siblings or anyone you closest people to shop in SHOPBOP.COM or EASTDANE.COM. No need to worry about also with expensive shipping costs, because in SHOPBOP.COM and EASTDANE.COM you do not have to pay a penny aka FREE !!!!!! . You can also consult to ask about the size or the other on this website. Shopping at online shop to be very pleasant in SHOPBOP.COM and EASTDANE.COM.

Happy Shopping all. 

Ps : Because this time I am happy to wear a black outfit and white so the items I selected above according to what I like now. But you can prove that in SHOPBOP.COM and EASTDANE.COM sell a variety of goods with a variety of colors as well.

+ Live To Love

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life is a choice. What can make you happy, not necessarily other people can feel happiness. I think when we choose a decision, we certainly know the consequences of what we will get. In essence, dare to do, dare also means responsibility. Whatever it did with a vengeance. Make what people think it is a motivation for us better in the future. Never hurt by what they say. As long as we do not harm them, why should we think. Happy that we were created, not others. Do not let other people ruin our happiness.

Ps: When I made this photoshoot I feel happy and confident with what I wear. It seems to me it is suitable to wear a simple outfit like this color.

When in doubt , I wear Black and White

Sunday, July 20, 2014

# photoshoot

Here I Am

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Life is not always beautiful, happy and fun. Sometimes there are times when we have to also feel otherwise. This week I have experienced the opposite feeling, although sometimes there is also coupled with a slight feeling of happiness. It is difficult to accept, it definitely. But forget the feeling of it all. Throw away the bad taste. Just enjoy life. Here I am. However we are rejected, we must stand firm stand and be yourself.

Dancing In The Rain

Sunday, July 13, 2014

I didn't look like someone who was dancing in the rain in the photo above. But dancing here means I'm posing in the rain. Today since morning, never stopped raining, making me lazing in bed and did not want to go anywhere. But during the day, the rain had stopped and I suddenly want to go to a new park where I live. Arriving at the location, it was raining again and I was forced to wait for the rain to stop. But the rain does not stop too. A little bit subsided although it is still raining finally I start taking photos there. The result you can see one or two days ahead.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

No word "wrong", why until now we are still alone?. Sometimes loneliness makes us independent person. But sometimes there are still many people who look strange when we are alone doing things that are not uncommon. But I've experienced a lot of bitterness in life. And the bitter taste that I have changed slowly into a sweet taste. When you have the time to be alone, to do the things that make you happy. This time I used the outfit with basic colors like black, white and brown. Three different colors to mix and match if we are right, will look simple and attractive.

Fresh Milk

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Today I bought a cow print cap and directly i wear for my new photoshoot. 
More photos soon on my blog.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Everyone has a purpose in life. And back again everyone would want to be happy. Do we have to follow the path that God has given it to achieve happiness? Hmmmm sometimes we definitely feel that God has given tough road, the road that we do not like, or may even follow that path. Now I feel like I'm following the path God has for me. Although at first even very heavy weight, but when I choose to be submissive I was able to follow that path. I strongly believe that the best path from the first will always be given by God. We have just to follow the directions in the road and find the end point of the path.

Ps:  Starting from this post I will start my plan to change many things in my life. And this time I changed my appearance to be more simple and use neutral colors on my outfit. This is not because of my age who've practically grown, but I felt it was no longer appropriate to use bright colors on what I'm wearing.

And last but not least , i want to say Welcome July !!!!  :)


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