I Don't Care

Outfit | FILA long knitwear | Zara stripes longsleeve | black pants | Adidas sneaker


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Cupola , Bandung.

In the end of July I decided to go Bandung again for exploring many new places. And this place that I visited before go back to home. The name is Cupola. Simple name but looks interesting place to visit. The places looks so comfortable , the ambiance and one thing that become the reason why I visited this place because I want trying their food called Fried rice with Chicken Sambal Matah. And taste it so delicious. You must try it.

One of the place that I reccomended to visit when you go to Bandung.

Address : jl. Cendana No.3, Cihapit, Bandung Wetan. 
Hours : Sunday-Monday : 12am-09pm / Tuesday-saturday : 12 am-11pm

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Outfit | 24:01 two tone jacket | Black pants | Adidas shoes


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Back To You

Outfit | 24:01 White denim shirt | Black pants | Zalora sneakers | white sunnies


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Aditi Coffee House and Space , Bandung .

Back to Bandung again last week to visit another new place in there. One of that is this coffee shop called " Aditi Coffee House and Space ". Actually I want to go there since their opening day. Spent a few hours in there for taking outfit photo, snacking, browsing, editing the photo and many thing to do in there.Love the ambiance of this place, you 'll be very comfortable spent the day in there.

So this place will be reccomended to visit when you go to Bandung.


Address : Jl. K.H. Ahmad Dahlan No.5, Burangrang, Lengkong, Kota Bandung. 
Open everday at 8am-10pm.

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Talking To Myself

Outfit of the week: Nobs Long sleeve | Uniqlo tank | Black pants | Piero sneaker


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There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back

Pattern shirt : local brand | white t-shirt : KZL | Black pants | Shoes : Pierro 

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Ruckerpark Coffee , Bandung.

Helloooooooo all my readers. Its been a while not say hi with all of you. First of all thank you so much for everyone to visit and read my blog until now. Because of you I'm still here and being consistent to always posting review post and outfit post. I want to make this blog alive again so not only you can see the photos but I'll write something useful for you. 

 In the end of June 2016 , I decided for go holiday to Bandung for exploring new places in there. One of them is " RUCKERPARK COFFEE", a new coffee shop with my favorite concept of minimalist design. Actually I saw this place from Instagram and when I exploring this place have a good design for taking my outfit photoshoot. And yeah before this review post I have a outfit post called " TOUCH ". You can see it the location is so perfect. When I arrived in there, the coffeeshop is not open. For your information I come there in earlier morning, but its okay because I want to take photo in there before some peoples come and make this place crowded.


I ordered Choco Banana Ice Blended. Perfect drink for this sunny day. You can see this photo with a shadow because the weather that day is so bright. You can choose any kind of drinks in there, specially coffee of course but you know I don't like coffee at all. If you lucky enough you can ordered cake , but because I come too early so isn't ready to ordered that.


I think the owner is SUPREME fans, so in this coffee shop you can find that supreme stuff like this boxer glove hanging on the top of ceiling. Looks interested, even in the outside you can see the supreme sticker on trash can. And some supreme stuff like photos of Lady Gaga and Kate Moss wearing the t-shirt. Talk about t-shirt, you can buy some trasher t-shirt or any kind t-shirt form international brand, not only that you can buy shoes, books or vinyls.

This coffee shop I totally reccomended to visit when you in Bandung.


Address : Jl. Dr. Cipto No.24, Pasir Kaliki, Cicendo, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40171. 
Open :Sunday -Thursday : 09-11 and friday-saturday : 09-11.30. 
Instagram : @ruckerparkcoffee
Free wifi : Yes . 
Cable plug : Yes.

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