The name of this man is Thakoon Panichgul. He comes from Thailand. Who would have thought after he graduated design school and then moved to New York, he could eventually become a famous designer like now. His name is not famous in the whole world, but in the hollywood have a lot to know and even wearing clothes designed by him. The names such as Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker and even the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama wore designed by him. He is famous for the uniqueness in every detail designs. And when there are women who wear designed by him, looks more graceful and feminine.

And good news if you can order men designer designs a wide range of well-known, from the webstore Eastdane.com, for you ladies can also reserve well-known designers like Thakoon designs in the webstore named Shopbop.com. Unlike the Eastdane.com, you can only see the famous designers design for women only. Because even though the designer the same name, but it turns out there are a few designers who design clothes for men and women. At Shopbop.com, you can also find many more designs famous designers.

Here are the collection of Thakoon designs which I think is very unique :

1. Staggered Stripe Pullover, $ 117.00
2. Sleeveless Basketweave Panel Dress, $ 312.00
3. Fur Collar Cape  , $ 2,650.00

4. Jewel Embroidered Skirt  , $ 417.00
5. Pleated slit leather skirt , $ 1,370 .00
6. Flared Hem skirt , $ 1,250.00

Ps : Shopbop.com and Eastdane.com is a webstore with free shipping if you buy more than $ 100. So for you who love shopping from well-known designers design for men or women, you can get here. If you are lucky you can also get the design of famous designers at discounted prices.


Who is not familiar with Dsquared2, brand clothes of two men named twins Dean and Dan Caten, who came from Canada. Since I knew the brand I immediately liked the wide variety of their designs. If I have seen of the collection, it looks like they both want more variety of clothing for men and look more stylish. Although impressed sloppy, but I love the way they combine their collection while in the runway show. Edgy, street style and so masculine. They both really put design clothes out of the box.

And the good news is you can buy them both at the webstore design named Eastdane.com. You can easily find designs from various well-known designers in the world in just one website alone is Eastdane.com. Just choose whichever designer you want to buy a collection, and follow the instructions, and within the next three days you can already get it in your home and can be directly used. Easy is not it, let shop in Eastdane.com now!

Here are some of my favorite Dsquared2 collection that you can find in Eastdane.com :

1. Relaxed Dan Shirt , $590.00 .
2. Quilted Jail T-shirt , $ 770,00.
3. Lamb Leather Jacket , $ 1,078,00. ( Ps: I want this leather jacket so much !!!!! :) ) 

4. Chic Nylon Bomber with Leather sleeves , $ 598,50.
5. Leather Moto Jacket , $ 1,995.00
6. Wool Bomber Jacket with Leather sleeves , $ 1,895.00

So choose your favorite collection from Dsquared2 on Eastdane.com right now !

+ I'm OK

Do not believe when a person answers the question whether you are fine, with the phrase "I'm Ok". Because the sentence was only to cover the true state of that person. When he says "I'm Ok", in fact the person is not in good condition. Believe. We must have a sense of trust or not trust others. I am the type of person who is suspicious of new people that I know, even the same people who've known me a long time, including the type of person who is not easy to believe. Even so, sometimes when I use logic to trust people, I actually even lied to by the people. Taken from the positive side, God did that so I better future. 

Judging from some of the photos above that I took while I was on holiday in Bali last week, I look like someone who is desperate. I do not know why, maybe because carried away with the atmosphere at the location of the photoshoot this time. Beach. Again? . Yes because a lot of beaches in Bali. I look like so enjoy the beautiful beach with facial expressions of sadness and remembering things. But in fact, when I somehow always looks sad in the photo. It depends on my mood at that time as possible.