Live To Love


Life is a choice. What can make you happy, not necessarily other people can feel happiness. I think when we choose a decision, we certainly know the consequences of what we will get. In essence, dare to do, dare also means responsibility. Whatever it did with a vengeance. Make what people think it is a motivation for us better in the future. Never hurt by what they say. As long as we do not harm them, why should we think. Happy that we were created, not others. Do not let other people ruin our happiness.

Ps: When I made this photoshoot I feel happy and confident with what I wear. It seems to me it is suitable to wear a simple outfit like this color.

When in doubt , I wear Black and White

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Here I Am


Life is not always beautiful, happy and fun. Sometimes there are times when we have to also feel otherwise. This week I have experienced the opposite feeling, although sometimes there is also coupled with a slight feeling of happiness. It is difficult to accept, it definitely. But forget the feeling of it all. Throw away the bad taste. Just enjoy life. Here I am. However we are rejected, we must stand firm stand and be yourself.