Don't Let Me Down

Outfit of the week // H&M black t-shirt & pants // 24:01 marble shirt // Vans sneaker 
// Monstore totebag


Outfit of the week // Wellborn Printed Tee // H&M white pants // 
Uniqlo stripes sock // Adidas shoes.

Brand New Day

Outfit of the week // Uniqlo t-shirt // black pants // Piero shoes

Berrywell , Jakarta .

Another unusual trip I did today. Go to a cafe called "Berrywell" in the area SCBD Sudirman Jakarta. It is located in a basement of a place called Fairgrounds. Once inside you will feel the cold water condtioner made you will not get out of this place. The place is not too big but very cozy. There selling smoothies bowl, cake, cold press juice, tea etc. I ordered two smoothies bowl once I forgot to order what it's called but were only called Green Energy. It feels super nice, just addictive. I also tried ordering cold press juice and also named Tempe wrap menu. You must try all the menus, certainly I would often go there to try a variety of other menu. And interestingly also when I get there are also many online motorcycle drivers who lined up to buy from people's orders. You should try to get there, it could be one of the recommendations attractive place for this weekend. 

Address : Fairgrounds SCBD , basement Area. Sudirman , Jakarta.


Outfit of the week // H&M long t-shirt & shirt // Black pants // Topman socks // Zalora shoes

Eatlah , Jakarta .

Today is my offday. And I went to an unusual places I've visited, as you know I usually go to the coffee shop. But this time I went to a little place that just opened about two weeks ago. The place is called "Eatlah". Which is the reason why I chose to spend my holiday here, because of course, because their monochrome design. Besides, this place also sells food which I also liked. In the hotel where I work there used to be salted egg prawn menu, and I love it. Here is not a shrimp but kept the salted egg sauce, shrimp replaced with chicken and fish dori. Plus the hot rice and sunny side up, and also with a cute packaging, the food you really need to try. The place is small but of something that small could be something big later. When I was there a lot of people who book through go-food applications, the motorcycle driver online came and go. This proves that these foods are you guys should really try.

Address : Jl. Bumi no.26 Kebayoran , Jakarta Selatan.

Interview : Raivan Yogiaman aka Plainkite

Oh yeah. This is my 2nd interview post on my blog. Let me introduce our inspiring mens fashion from Indonesia called Raivan Yogiaman. He's the guy behind the instagram of "@plainkite" . I think if you see his instagram feed , you'll be in love with him . Lets check out the interview . Hopefully you enjoy it.

Q : Since when you decide to wearing monochrome outfit ? and explain why you choose the monochrome color ? 

A : I started to wear monochrome outfit since I've been to University. Since I went to design major, mostly I use somethig that easy to mix and match ( which is basic color, monochrome ) so I don't spend lots of time choosing the outfit to go to University , but who knows that it turns out to be something that inspire me to do fashion.


Q : Many peoples know you from instagram. Before Instagram exist like right now, do you have blog before or something platform media topost your photos ? 

A : Instagram is the very first social media that I made which not included random photos.


Q : Described your style in one word ? 

A : LAYERING. I love to mix and match my outfit to create different mood.

Q : Between H&M , Pull & Bear and Uniqlo , what's your favorite place to shopping ? And why you choose that place ? 

A : I choose H&M for may favourite place to shop. They have a lotof different style for their outfit that fit my style than Pull & Bear and Uniqlo.

Q : Everyone have a dream job . How about you, what's your dream job? It related about fashion too or what ? 

A : My dream job is to be a photographer for products, fashion, or magazine that has same interest for minimalist aesthetic.

Q : In a public place like the mall or on the street if ever there was one who recognized you as the guy behind instagram "plainkite" and how you respond it ? 

A : I'll gladly greet them back. I'm very welcome to any people who want to say "hi" to me as long as it's polite and don't ask anything too personal.


Q : You feel confident when wearing all black outfit or all white outfit ? explain the reason. 

A : I feel confident when I'm wearing all black outfit because for me black is more powerful, it has a strong color on it. 

That's it. Thank you so much Raivan as my 2nd guest of this interview post on my blog. Follow his instagram too if you want too see the anothers photo.  And who'll be the next guest. Stay tuned on my blog.