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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October Photoshoot.

Styling Skill : Day & Night | Review

Saturday, September 27, 2014

One of my dream job is to become a fashion stylist. Dress the others by what we love must be very pleasant, especially if it turns out what we provide is also favored by the wearer. Here is one outfit that I would give to women who are hanging out with his friends at the cafe suddenly have to go to the wedding, the time is very narrow and does not have time to go home and change outfit. So this girl shopping with a short time to be able to come to the party with the simple stuff but also suitable for the wedding party.

When hanging out with friends, this woman chose to wear Pink colored mini dress, matching combined with a black denim jacket, mini bag, sneakers and round sunglasses. 

And to come to the party, he chose to keep wearing pink mini dress. And combined with accessories statement necklace, black heels and a mini clutch. 

Simple right? As easy as you shop all of the items listed above. You can get everything in the online shopping called ShopBop. You just open the red link available at the top to facilitate the search for the items you want to buy.

A World Alone | September Issue

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

 KZL "WHATEVER 96" t-shirt | Niion BLVCK hipbag

I have my own world. 
World where I can do whatever I like without having to care about. Sometimes I am still confused as to what I might be destined to live alone. They say, human can not live alone. In the end someday humans will definitely need help from others. I have always believed that one day there will be someone who had been prepared by God to accompany my days.

As happened last Sunday. Later that night I had an appointment with my friend to spend the weekend together. But just a few minutes my friend suddenly cancel and told me to go alone. Its okay for me, I do not want to think about this. So I went alone to a place that is used as the location of my latest photoshoot.

Unlike my promise to wear bright colors, because this time I actually even look very simple. With a blend of black and white back. I feel very comfortable combining these two colors as my appearance. Would have loved to continue to wear these two colors as my signature style. But still not sure because I really like the color and pattern.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Socks, Ties and Watches | Review

Accessories is one of the supporting part in our appearance. I was actually not the type of person who is too concerned with accessories. Because I am the type of person that is simple in appearance. But lately accessories for men have started to vary and many choices already begun. The following are three types of accessories which I think can be choices for you.  

1. Socks. 
In the past there were only a few socks plain color, but now various kinds of patterns can be found in the socks. Like polka dot, stripes, army and many more. Tips when wearing socks is that the pants can we use our roll a little bit, so socks can be seen. 

Click here for see another socks collection

People think tie can only be used when we wear a suit or formal event. But now tie can also be used when we hang out. But of course choose a tie that has an interesting motif and also forms a tie is not too long and big. 

 Click here for see another ties collection
3. Watches. 
Currently wearing a watch is not just because to be able to see the time at any time. But also for style and fashion. Because it found a wide range of watches that have a unique design and unusual. There are also watches some pilhan that can be used, such as for a casual, sporty or too formal. 

 Click here for see another watches collection

You can find a wide selection of other accessories on the website WWW.EASTDANE.COM. Various kinds of brand, type, color and other you can buy there. | Event

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Problem - Ariana Grande feat Iggy Azalea | Music

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I love this song and Arianaaaaaaa looks super cute :)

Mens Outerwear by EAST DANE | Review

Friday, September 12, 2014

Shopping through online shop is now not unusual anymore. We can find lots of online shop which sells a variety of products for women or men. One of them present an online shop called East Dane, who sell a variety of products for men. Months ago I have discussed about this online shop. And this time I would like to explain how easy it is to buy the things we want through East Dane.

This time I will discuss about mens outerwear. Mens outerwear that is used as the outcome is like a blazer, jacket, coat and hoodie. Here are some items I select in the East Dane. 

A.) Blazer of brand named Band Of Outsider I choose based on the gray color. Uniquely from this online shop you can choose the things we want with the color we want. We just click the color what we want and we've been able to see the things we want with the colors we like.

B.) Maybe a bit difficult to find a hoodie from designers we like, but do not worry you Dane East could also easily choose goods from designers we love. As a hoodie that I choose from designer Vince, easily and quickly just by selecting the name of the designer.

C.) There are various types of jackets available in the East Dane. We can also easily find the type of jacket what we like, what jacket leather, wool, and much more transparent. This time I chose a jacket with a white transparent material that is suitable for use during the rainy season. This jacket from famous brand Y-3. High reccomend to buy at this time as it is being sale.

D.) Addition jackets, mens outerwear following are the most frequently I use and I like. Coat. With the material is thick and long size is suitable for rain or snow season. Not because it's fashion but this coat also has a very useful function to warm our bodies. I chose coat of brand Stutterheim, the color is perfect to mix and match with other colors. And also the model is simple. And most importantly the price is also affordable. You can choose whether we want the price is cheap or expensive in East Dane. So we do not need to open multiple pages to see the stuff that we like but with the budget we had.

There is a happy news for you, East Dane will give you 4 weekly prizes and a $ 2,000 gift certificate as the grand prizes. The way you share a photo on Twitter or Instagram and tag it with #1BigYearSweepsEastDane. Show your biggest moment from the last 12 month. No purchase Necessary. Ends Oct. 2, 2014, USA only. See official rules for details and alternate method of entry: Click here for the info.


S H Y | September Issue

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

 H&M cap and bag - Uniqlo t-shirt - Unbranded pants and sunglasses - Robinet shoes

I created this latest photoshoot on Sunday afternoon, which at this place are very many people who pass through this location. That is what causes most of the photos I took with the pose down embarrassed. I really can not hide the shame of my photos on it. But overall, I like the picture that looks as if I am alone in this place. I chose some simple location lately. I do not know why, probably in accordance with my age grew older. I want to make a simple photoshoot but still cool. 

And also from what I wear, I look more casual, relaxed and simple. Reusing basic colors like black, gray and white I look very simple. But I promise to my next photoshoot will be back with bright colors. And the bright colors are lime green or also called NEON color. When I use colored outfit, I look more fresh and alive.

Ps :  As per my previous promise if I want to make my blog into own fashion magazine with a variety of posts. But it turned out to be difficult to adjust my mood to write on the blog. But as much as possible I will make a post more variations again.

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Morning & Night | Weekend Story

Saturday, September 6, 2014

1. Morning view from Jakarta.
2. Queue-ing for Opening store H&M .
3. Drunk Ice Lychee at Oh Lala cafe. 
3. Watching live Crowning Night Gogirl Look 2014
4. Met Michael Cools , one of my favorite photographer.
5. Watching live performance of my favorite singer, Maudy Ayunda.

Have a great weekend people !

S T A Y | September Issue

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

When starting this blog I never expected so many cons, especially from those comments written on my blog. Not just one but dozens of comments that counter to what I'm doing. Yes, I admit when the early start I just intend to make a fashion blog about what I like. Photoshoot is the most important part of my blog, for some reason I call it a photoshoot. Because I was inspired by watching a variety photoshoot / fashion spreads in fashion magazines. It can not be fully compared with those in the magazine, but my own as a person who in the photo and the person who photographed quite satisfied with my results during this photoshoot. That makes me different from other bloggers (just my opinion) that the existence of this photoshoot. There are a few too many fashion blogs that display their pictures of various poses, but do not think about the concept of the picture entirely alone. I could say before making a photoshoot always think about what I want to wear and suitable locations and exciting as never seen before. I've traveled around various interesting locations ranging from the home environment, work, public places, tourist places in these areas, forests, parks and much more. 

I hope all of you enjoy the results of any of my photoshoot and can certainly appreciate what I have done. For the problem of pros and cons, I am now beginning to think an adult. With the pros and cons, we are taught to appreciate a difference in life. 

Black and white outfit againnnnn. Yes, I'm completely infatuated with these two colors. Make me look more simple and casual. I do not have a signature style. Because for me, what I use is what I liked at the time. I was very pleased when it arrived at the location of the photoshoot this time. Do not ask why, because surely you can see that what I wear is perfect with this location. FYI:  the building recently repaired and repainted, you can see that the old building is becoming more visible "life" and fresh.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome September .




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