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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Accessories is one of the supporting part in our appearance. I was actually not the type of person who is too concerned with accessories. Because I am the type of person that is simple in appearance. But lately accessories for men have started to vary and many choices already begun. The following are three types of accessories which I think can be choices for you.  

1. Socks. 
In the past there were only a few socks plain color, but now various kinds of patterns can be found in the socks. Like polka dot, stripes, army and many more. Tips when wearing socks is that the pants can we use our roll a little bit, so socks can be seen. 

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People think tie can only be used when we wear a suit or formal event. But now tie can also be used when we hang out. But of course choose a tie that has an interesting motif and also forms a tie is not too long and big. 

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3. Watches. 
Currently wearing a watch is not just because to be able to see the time at any time. But also for style and fashion. Because it found a wide range of watches that have a unique design and unusual. There are also watches some pilhan that can be used, such as for a casual, sporty or too formal. 

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