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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

When starting this blog I never expected so many cons, especially from those comments written on my blog. Not just one but dozens of comments that counter to what I'm doing. Yes, I admit when the early start I just intend to make a fashion blog about what I like. Photoshoot is the most important part of my blog, for some reason I call it a photoshoot. Because I was inspired by watching a variety photoshoot / fashion spreads in fashion magazines. It can not be fully compared with those in the magazine, but my own as a person who in the photo and the person who photographed quite satisfied with my results during this photoshoot. That makes me different from other bloggers (just my opinion) that the existence of this photoshoot. There are a few too many fashion blogs that display their pictures of various poses, but do not think about the concept of the picture entirely alone. I could say before making a photoshoot always think about what I want to wear and suitable locations and exciting as never seen before. I've traveled around various interesting locations ranging from the home environment, work, public places, tourist places in these areas, forests, parks and much more. 

I hope all of you enjoy the results of any of my photoshoot and can certainly appreciate what I have done. For the problem of pros and cons, I am now beginning to think an adult. With the pros and cons, we are taught to appreciate a difference in life. 

Black and white outfit againnnnn. Yes, I'm completely infatuated with these two colors. Make me look more simple and casual. I do not have a signature style. Because for me, what I use is what I liked at the time. I was very pleased when it arrived at the location of the photoshoot this time. Do not ask why, because surely you can see that what I wear is perfect with this location. FYI:  the building recently repaired and repainted, you can see that the old building is becoming more visible "life" and fresh.

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