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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

 H&M cap and bag - Uniqlo t-shirt - Unbranded pants and sunglasses - Robinet shoes

I created this latest photoshoot on Sunday afternoon, which at this place are very many people who pass through this location. That is what causes most of the photos I took with the pose down embarrassed. I really can not hide the shame of my photos on it. But overall, I like the picture that looks as if I am alone in this place. I chose some simple location lately. I do not know why, probably in accordance with my age grew older. I want to make a simple photoshoot but still cool. 

And also from what I wear, I look more casual, relaxed and simple. Reusing basic colors like black, gray and white I look very simple. But I promise to my next photoshoot will be back with bright colors. And the bright colors are lime green or also called NEON color. When I use colored outfit, I look more fresh and alive.

Ps :  As per my previous promise if I want to make my blog into own fashion magazine with a variety of posts. But it turned out to be difficult to adjust my mood to write on the blog. But as much as possible I will make a post more variations again.

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