Simple Plan

Sunday, June 29, 2014

- sneakpeek for July photoshoot -
Each person must have a plan for the future. Including me, for the future I'd love to do a lot of changes in all things. In terms of the photoshoot I want to be able to do it as often as possible. The reason is, because I love to take pictures in places of interest. And also I wanted to do a photo poses that I had never done before. Not only that I also wanted to change the way I dress. I want to be simple and not too playing with striking colors. It all depends on the mood actually. Maybe I just reducing, can not eliminate it. Because I love the color.

New Age

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy Birthdayyyyyyyy....

First of all I want to say thank you so much for God that has allowed me to live in this world for 28 years. Hopefully till I die someday, I already realize all my dreams and can make happy my family, friends and a lot of people.

Secondly I want to thank you also for all those who have remembered my birthday today. I really appreciate it. While there is no celebration like a real birthday as a birthday cake, gifts, balloons and so on. But fortunately I was educated by my parents without any stuff like that when we were celebrating a birthday. My birthday is considered a normal day.

Third. I do not think that my age getting older. So many things happened during my life as usual until sekarang.Tapi I always try to live with what it is. Currently I'm trying hard to get rid of my bad habits. Surely everyone has a bad habit and I will remove it all. And I'm asking one on my birthday, that is happiness. Everyone would want to be happy. I think I wanted to be happy people around me. Because all this time I just always think about how to make myself be happy.

Fourth. I promised myself for a better future. I've had to start thinking about what happens in the future .Many thing I want to do as long as I was given a chance to live. Many dreams I want to achieve. And one more much happiness that I wanted to give it to everyone in the world.

Fifth. Thank you. Thank you and thank you for everyone who has been willing to open my blog link. Any suggestions, criticisms, insults, compliments .I will always accept it as a lesson in the future.

Hello Goodbye

Monday, June 23, 2014

- sneakpeek of my new outfit post -

Time spinning fast. Lately I feel the time goes so fast. From morning to evening. I even feel that 24 hours in a day is very less. I want more time to do things that can make me happy. Sometimes I think so many things I do just to make myself happy. I seem to be lacking in the happiness of others around me. I will try now. Say hello to my new spirit and goodbye to my old bad habits.

Sunday Trip : Kota Tua Creative Festival

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hello everyone !!!!!

I'm so glad to be back to writing a new post in my blog. Almost a week I was sick and now I'm back with a new spirit. Today I attended an event called Kota Tua Creative Festival. Yup, for the many times I went back to take a trip there. I do not know why, but I felt so many places that could be used as the object there. This time not to make a photoshoot, but to see a variety of art exhibitions recently held in Jakarta aplenty. What is special and different is because the exhibition was held in a building called, Cipta Niaga. This building is often used as a location pre wedding photos, music videos of many singers or bands in Indonesia or just for a place as the object. Usually to get into this building, we are required to pay but because there is an exhibition so we can get in for free. Without much further thought I immediately came to this place. And here are the results of some of the photos I took there.

And today Jakarta as capital city of my country Indonesia celebrate the 487 years anniversary. Happy Birthday my beloved country. Though I do not live in Jakarta but I work there and get a lot of interesting experiences during his visit to various places in Jakarta.

Running Man

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Location : Kosenda Hotel , Jakarta. 

Honestly in my life I was the type of person who is always running in fact. Sometimes when I have not started anything immediately retreat and surrender. But this time I'm trying to get rid of this attitude. Because for me, do not ever run away from reality. Let's face it even though heavy, but am sure the Lord will help find a solution.

Talk about my title post " Running Man " now.  
If you see a glimpse of my appearance from top to bottom, I like people who will run in the morning. Maybe if his pants changed into shorts I've exactly like the person who would run away. I re-discovered this sweater with hoodie in my closet. Then after all this time I stopped for the gym, I also re-wear my running shoes. Too bad, after all this time not in use, I had experienced blisters on my feet part. But its okay, it does not matter. I really love this location so much! Look at the murals in the wall and shadow derived from the sun at that time. Thank you Kosenda Hotels has given its place to be the location of the photoshoot this time.

Sunday Trip : Kosenda Hotel Jakarta

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Visited Kosenda Hotel Jakarta today for lunch and taking photoshoot. 
One of my favorite sunday ever !

We Are Young

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Location : Summarecon Bekasi.

Hello , say welcome to my birthday month !!!!!. :)
Excited and scared. Why I'm scared? Actually I feel more excited than scared. Not because I grew older but rather the extent to which I thought to my future later. Just let it flow. I tried not to think much about it. Because when we think too much, what will be faced in front of us it is not even visible. Let this be a surprise. Because life is full of surprises. No matter what your age, always thinking to stay young in our souls.

 I do not know why, lately I like wanted to try something new. Which I never did in life. I think while we are still young, do whatever you like. But certainly in terms of the positive. One of them I want to be able to vacation in Bali this year (the place where my ancestors were born). Hopefully it can be realized. And one more thing I also want to dye my hair. This is not because the hair coloring trend is now emerging is done by many people. But back again because I wanted to try something new. Speaking of something new, this time I also made ​​a photoshoot in a place that someone else would not have thought to be the location of the photoshoot. A road construction project attracted my attention every time it passes through this place and I finally ventured to go there and take some photos. Hopefully you like it!



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