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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Location : Summarecon Bekasi.

Hello , say welcome to my birthday month !!!!!. :)
Excited and scared. Why I'm scared? Actually I feel more excited than scared. Not because I grew older but rather the extent to which I thought to my future later. Just let it flow. I tried not to think much about it. Because when we think too much, what will be faced in front of us it is not even visible. Let this be a surprise. Because life is full of surprises. No matter what your age, always thinking to stay young in our souls.

 I do not know why, lately I like wanted to try something new. Which I never did in life. I think while we are still young, do whatever you like. But certainly in terms of the positive. One of them I want to be able to vacation in Bali this year (the place where my ancestors were born). Hopefully it can be realized. And one more thing I also want to dye my hair. This is not because the hair coloring trend is now emerging is done by many people. But back again because I wanted to try something new. Speaking of something new, this time I also made ​​a photoshoot in a place that someone else would not have thought to be the location of the photoshoot. A road construction project attracted my attention every time it passes through this place and I finally ventured to go there and take some photos. Hopefully you like it!


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Amazing photos. I love your casual look as well!


Milex said...




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