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Happy Birthdayyyyyyyy....

First of all I want to say thank you so much for God that has allowed me to live in this world for 28 years. Hopefully till I die someday, I already realize all my dreams and can make happy my family, friends and a lot of people.

Secondly I want to thank you also for all those who have remembered my birthday today. I really appreciate it. While there is no celebration like a real birthday as a birthday cake, gifts, balloons and so on. But fortunately I was educated by my parents without any stuff like that when we were celebrating a birthday. My birthday is considered a normal day.

Third. I do not think that my age getting older. So many things happened during my life as usual until sekarang.Tapi I always try to live with what it is. Currently I'm trying hard to get rid of my bad habits. Surely everyone has a bad habit and I will remove it all. And I'm asking one on my birthday, that is happiness. Everyone would want to be happy. I think I wanted to be happy people around me. Because all this time I just always think about how to make myself be happy.

Fourth. I promised myself for a better future. I've had to start thinking about what happens in the future .Many thing I want to do as long as I was given a chance to live. Many dreams I want to achieve. And one more much happiness that I wanted to give it to everyone in the world.

Fifth. Thank you. Thank you and thank you for everyone who has been willing to open my blog link. Any suggestions, criticisms, insults, compliments .I will always accept it as a lesson in the future.

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Nice outfit. Love the parka!

Great sunglasses dear :D


i hope all your wishes come true.
btw you look awesome!

Happy Birthday! :)
awww I read what you had to say, nice reflections. One birthday gift you can give yourself is lookin fashionably good :) That's something :)

Onto your outfit, I looove the sunnies, they're very cool! :D
I also love the beautiful green background, the nature! ♥ :)

Thank you Tara for your comment on my MODCLOTH, UNIQUELY YOU WEEKLY CHALLENGE! post!:)