Running Man

Location : Kosenda Hotel , Jakarta. 

Honestly in my life I was the type of person who is always running in fact. Sometimes when I have not started anything immediately retreat and surrender. But this time I'm trying to get rid of this attitude. Because for me, do not ever run away from reality. Let's face it even though heavy, but am sure the Lord will help find a solution.

Talk about my title post " Running Man " now.  
If you see a glimpse of my appearance from top to bottom, I like people who will run in the morning. Maybe if his pants changed into shorts I've exactly like the person who would run away. I re-discovered this sweater with hoodie in my closet. Then after all this time I stopped for the gym, I also re-wear my running shoes. Too bad, after all this time not in use, I had experienced blisters on my feet part. But its okay, it does not matter. I really love this location so much! Look at the murals in the wall and shadow derived from the sun at that time. Thank you Kosenda Hotels has given its place to be the location of the photoshoot this time.


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Iena Absharina said...

i like the murals idea, you look cool between them!