Sunday Trip : Kota Tua Creative Festival

Hello everyone !!!!!

I'm so glad to be back to writing a new post in my blog. Almost a week I was sick and now I'm back with a new spirit. Today I attended an event called Kota Tua Creative Festival. Yup, for the many times I went back to take a trip there. I do not know why, but I felt so many places that could be used as the object there. This time not to make a photoshoot, but to see a variety of art exhibitions recently held in Jakarta aplenty. What is special and different is because the exhibition was held in a building called, Cipta Niaga. This building is often used as a location pre wedding photos, music videos of many singers or bands in Indonesia or just for a place as the object. Usually to get into this building, we are required to pay but because there is an exhibition so we can get in for free. Without much further thought I immediately came to this place. And here are the results of some of the photos I took there.

And today Jakarta as capital city of my country Indonesia celebrate the 487 years anniversary. Happy Birthday my beloved country. Though I do not live in Jakarta but I work there and get a lot of interesting experiences during his visit to various places in Jakarta.

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Milex said...


Seru banget kayaknya ya, menyesal kelewatan event ini karena salah jadwal :(

Tapi untungnya kemarin sempat ke Jak.Art.Space, event sebelum acara ini.

Nice to know you Tara :-D

contemporer are interesting, happy birthday Jakarta!!



Mitha Komala said...

wow it looks awesome, love it! <3

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