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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

See you there on Sunday :)

A Gentleman Dignity

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Location : University of Indonesia Library , Depok.

Since I started my blog in 2008. Was the first time I made ​​a photoshoot with a look like this. Wearing tie, blazer and black pants. I like adults. Only a month away, I will get older. I have been through many things in life. Love or grief. I'm never happy, and of course also have been sad. It was humane. Whatever I have experienced in my life should remain thankful and grateful to God.

I chose a different location photoshoot this time. For my first time to the largest library in Southeast Asia. Library is located in the campus is very nice, especially the design of building their own libraries. Here you can see a wide variety of books, magazines, dictionaries and so on. I pick out, for taking photographs. Because it turns out is equally good, with lots of trees make the air around it became cool. Coupled with the presence of a large lake in front of the building.

Note : next week i'll back go to Bandung for event called Trademark and of course i'll taking a photoshoot in there too. So exciteddddddd !!! and last but not least hopefully you like it with my new blog layout. :)


Friday, April 25, 2014

February 2014 - April 2014

Style Inspiration Lookbook : Colors

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Black is never die, but sometimes there is a time for colors. There are many men consider taboo to wear clothes with bright colors. But this time it was not an unusual thing. There have been many men who wear colored clothes. But of course for me there is no limit of color that I think is less suitable for use by men. But its up to you. Show your true colors in your personality. If you feel comfortable with what you wear, why should not confident. 

Here is an example of the man who styled with colorful clothes. 


1. Faissal Yartaa , France.
2. Luke Richard, USA.
3. Daniil Shamatrin , Ukraine.
4. Dake Hu , Taiwan.
5. Hao Zhang , Taiwan.
6. David Quilaguy , Germany .

Blushing Blue

Monday, April 14, 2014

Location  : Summarecon Bekasi .

When we love anything that either people or goods, we must be feeling to have. But what do you know , that sometimes what we like isn't necessarily going to be ours . But we certainly will continue to strive to what we want it to be true. Depending on what you guys are lucky to be able to have it or not. Currently I so believe that sometimes what we like isn't necessarily God also loves. Even though you've been trying to get it, but if God hasn't given permission to be able to have it, we will not be able to have it.  God will give you something you really need. If what you want is not true, it means that God will give you something better than what you want now. Be patient . 

Talk about patient. I have long seen the location of the photoshoot this time about two months ago. Every time I pass this place, I always promised myself to be able to make a photoshoot there. And just yesterday I could finally have a chance to go there and take photos there. I am grateful for the process of taking photos there went smoothly without any hurdles. This is reffered to as the best time for me. If you see , what I'm wearing seem to fit with the location. The blue color dominates on my outfit. I mix and match with white color so it looks more fresh.

Pop Up Market 2014 : Shibuya

Friday, April 11, 2014

Snapshot photos from event Pop Up Market " Shibuya " today . 
For support our local brand you must come tommorow or sunday.

Stye Inspiration Lookbook : Sockless

Thursday, April 10, 2014

First of all, this actually is not my style. But I've just tried to post my outfit this week, Photoshoot without wearing socks or I have called SOCKLESS. If you're watching a variety show American Idol in 2014, you can see one of the contestants guy named Alex Preston. With a unique voice and was always singing with the guitar, he also has an interesting style dress and of course the most attention is her style without wearing socks. From him I was inspired to be stylish without wearing socks. And it turns out the style that I show to be young, fresh and casual. I actually lovers socks, but it looks like I will make it as one of my signature style. But I am compassionate yet confident to do this in public. But I will try it tomorrow when I come to an event called Pop Up Market. Hopefully I can overcome my shyness there.
And when I look at the site lookbook, many SOCKLESS style in there. Here are six of them.

1. Mikkel Weiss , Denmark.
2. Streetfashion101 , Europe. 
3. Ivan Moya , Spain.
4. Charlie Cole , Spain.
5. Florian Roser , USA .
6. Konrad D. , Poland. 

Love / Hate

Monday, April 7, 2014

Location : Menteng Park , Jakarta .

Special thanks to Zocko for choose me as the winner of Zocko Giveaway.
 And as the prize their give me a new backpack with RED color !!!One of my favorite color ever.

Love / Hate . I returned again raised the topic of love and hate. This topic I think will always be there for life. In life there will be the name of love and hate. We will never be able to feel the love everywhere, there will be people who hate. For me, everyone is entitled to do what he likes but of course with the consequences and responsibilities that should he receive when doing so. As long as we do not harm others and we are comfortable doing so. Just do it! Of course we also have to act in accordance with the norms and customs regulations. When there are many people who love us there would be many who would hate us. It is natural. Now how do we respond to people's actions. Fight fire with water. Due to the water, we can reduce the flame and fire destroy it for good.

When I took a few photos at a city park in Jakarta with so many visitors there. I somehow feel very confident with what I'm doing and what I was wearing at the time. All visitors who were there, as I noticed at that time. And when you're taking photos there are some people who mock me, they sound vaguely when mocking me. But I do not care about them. Because I did not bother them, so I just continue taking photos there. Creating outdoor photoshoot like me, there will definitely be people like them. But I was not so concerned with people like them. I did it just for fun and satisfaction. So long as I'm happy, why should pay attention to what people who want to drop me. Like a red outfit that existed at this time, my red color symbolizes, as courage.

Ps : Zocko is a cool online tool for social influencers to share products on social media & get rewarded.




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