Blushing Blue

Monday, April 14, 2014

Location  : Summarecon Bekasi .

When we love anything that either people or goods, we must be feeling to have. But what do you know , that sometimes what we like isn't necessarily going to be ours . But we certainly will continue to strive to what we want it to be true. Depending on what you guys are lucky to be able to have it or not. Currently I so believe that sometimes what we like isn't necessarily God also loves. Even though you've been trying to get it, but if God hasn't given permission to be able to have it, we will not be able to have it.  God will give you something you really need. If what you want is not true, it means that God will give you something better than what you want now. Be patient . 

Talk about patient. I have long seen the location of the photoshoot this time about two months ago. Every time I pass this place, I always promised myself to be able to make a photoshoot there. And just yesterday I could finally have a chance to go there and take photos there. I am grateful for the process of taking photos there went smoothly without any hurdles. This is reffered to as the best time for me. If you see , what I'm wearing seem to fit with the location. The blue color dominates on my outfit. I mix and match with white color so it looks more fresh.

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