Everything Has Changed

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

- Location : Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta.-

There will definitely be a change in life. Whether it's a physical change or change in the material. When we were kids we always wanted to turn into an adult, and just the opposite when we are adults we actually want to be kids again. But do not ever want to go back backwards first. Because when we're in the present, we are required to always look forward without looking back. Because if we continue to look back we will never advance and just stuck there alone. Just enjoy what God has given to us, because I always believe what God has given. Be it happiness or sadness, sometimes we have to realize that it is the best way for us. Enjoy your life, start NOW!

And don't ever be afraid to change, of course, change for the good.

Yes , like what I do now on my blog. Changed for the better. In every way. Good layout, how to dress, photo quality, the way of writing and more. I always wanted to change for the better. Although sometimes there are people who consider trivial with what I do in life. But I am sure, one day all that ever happened in my life is a lesson, a lesson to be better and better.

See you in the next outfit post with different of location and style. 

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