Style Inspiration Lookbook : Colors

Black is never die, but sometimes there is a time for colors. There are many men consider taboo to wear clothes with bright colors. But this time it was not an unusual thing. There have been many men who wear colored clothes. But of course for me there is no limit of color that I think is less suitable for use by men. But its up to you. Show your true colors in your personality. If you feel comfortable with what you wear, why should not confident. 

Here is an example of the man who styled with colorful clothes. 


1. Faissal Yartaa , France.
2. Luke Richard, USA.
3. Daniil Shamatrin , Ukraine.
4. Dake Hu , Taiwan.
5. Hao Zhang , Taiwan.
6. David Quilaguy , Germany .

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Love your inspiring blog :)


Mitha Komala said...

love how the Ukraine guy styled his look! <3 <3

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