M Y T H S || Oct' Issue

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

So many creepy myths that exist in this world. But back to yourself. Are you the type of person who believes that there is a mystical thing? I included is in the middle between believing or not believing. I am a person who loves to watch a mystery movie. But fortunately in real life I've never experienced anything mystical. Three days before Halloween which falls on a Friday, I decided to make a photoshoot with a Halloween theme. Do not imagine that I would wear strange costumes and horrible, because I am not the type of people who like it. I just choose a location that I think is creepy. I made this photoshoot under a large tree with a hundred years of age, with great roots and plenty of make my own fears while taking some photos in this place alone. Yes, alone! Fortunately not happen during image capture. And when she saw the picture there is no appearance, shadow, or any kind of showing the existence of ghosts or whatever.  

Its too early to say "Happy Halloween Day".

Pumpkin | Sneakpeek

Sunday, October 26, 2014

P A S T || Oct' Issue

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

H&M maroon tank // Herschel backpack // OHW? shoes 

The past is where we can only remember. Not to be forever remembered, but just we remember what happened in the past. Always look to the past only makes us stuck. Stuck in the situation where we do not want to progress and move forward. Talking about the past, last sunday I visited the transport museum. There you can view a variety of means of transport time immemorial. I am very interested to make double-decker bus in the background of my photoshoot. Unfortunately this situation is not well maintained double decker and more unfortunately again I can not get into it. But somehow I just realized that the red color on this bus fits perfectly with the color of the tanks that I wear.

Ps : Next sunday I'll make " HALLOWEEN " photoshoot. So excited !

Maroon | Sneakpeek

Sunday, October 19, 2014

S U R V I V E || Oct' Issue

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Uniqlo blue t-shirt & knit beanie  //

As I was taking some photos at this place, a lot of people who saw and when I passed them laugh. It's not unusual for me. Although many are mocking me since I made this blog. I can prove to them all, if I can still survive until now of course with the progress that different from when I started ini.Tanpa existence of this blog I may still be made ​​more private, quiet, scared and someone who does not care about their appearance. Currently I'm trying to change everything in life. I started changing my attitude from a more mature and do something by using logic and not just a moment of emotion. For I am now, I'm trying to make my body better look good. Not with a workout at the gym but by adjusting my diet. I see a lot of male bloggers who he was short like me anticipate that the more attractive appearance by forming a thinner body. Hopefully I can still survive until finally I succeed later. Amen.

Blue | Sneakpeek

Sunday, October 12, 2014

S U N L I G H T || Oct' Issue

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

H&M Neon T-shirt | Uniqlo shirt | PONY sneakers ( ordered at EAST DANE )

When what you've planned, does not correspond to reality. It definitely feels disappointed and confused. But do not worry because there will be something beautiful behind the failure to achieve what we want. When the last day of the week I plan to make a new photoshoot in a place, it turns out that place closed. I was confused and for some reason I chose the park as a place photoshoot again this time. And I really like the result. With what I wore that day and bright sunshine makes me look fresh. Not according to my promise at the beginning of this month when I will make a photoshoot with the theme of mystery, ghosts or anything related to Halloween. Because difficult to determine where the location of the photoshoot that matches the theme of Halloween. I decided to follow the course. But of course I've been preparing my outfit that would later wear on Halloween. Soon on my blog.

Lime Green | Sneakpeek

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fear Factor | October Issue

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Monstore "Versa Shy+" t-shirt | Blackbook "Fear" tote bag

Fear. We must have as human beings, have a fear of something. I was so. When the fear is coming, in fact it is the feeling that we do not want to try. In fact, when we've tried, it turns out we are not entirely afraid. Fight your fears and prove that you are brave. 

In connection with this October is synonymous with Halloween. I will do a photoshoot in various places that I think has a history and contains mystical. For the first time, I chose the location of this photoshoot. If you notice that there is a building on this very unique lo cation. Because in today's rather difficult to see a building with many windows shaped boxes. The building is very old-fashioned and a bit scared when I took a photoshoot there. This building is like a very old-fashioned boarding school.


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