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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

So many creepy myths that exist in this world. But back to yourself. Are you the type of person who believes that there is a mystical thing? I included is in the middle between believing or not believing. I am a person who loves to watch a mystery movie. But fortunately in real life I've never experienced anything mystical. Three days before Halloween which falls on a Friday, I decided to make a photoshoot with a Halloween theme. Do not imagine that I would wear strange costumes and horrible, because I am not the type of people who like it. I just choose a location that I think is creepy. I made this photoshoot under a large tree with a hundred years of age, with great roots and plenty of make my own fears while taking some photos in this place alone. Yes, alone! Fortunately not happen during image capture. And when she saw the picture there is no appearance, shadow, or any kind of showing the existence of ghosts or whatever.  

Its too early to say "Happy Halloween Day".

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