Fear Factor | October Issue

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Monstore "Versa Shy+" t-shirt | Blackbook "Fear" tote bag

Fear. We must have as human beings, have a fear of something. I was so. When the fear is coming, in fact it is the feeling that we do not want to try. In fact, when we've tried, it turns out we are not entirely afraid. Fight your fears and prove that you are brave. 

In connection with this October is synonymous with Halloween. I will do a photoshoot in various places that I think has a history and contains mystical. For the first time, I chose the location of this photoshoot. If you notice that there is a building on this very unique lo cation. Because in today's rather difficult to see a building with many windows shaped boxes. The building is very old-fashioned and a bit scared when I took a photoshoot there. This building is like a very old-fashioned boarding school.

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