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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Uniqlo blue t-shirt & knit beanie  //

As I was taking some photos at this place, a lot of people who saw and when I passed them laugh. It's not unusual for me. Although many are mocking me since I made this blog. I can prove to them all, if I can still survive until now of course with the progress that different from when I started ini.Tanpa existence of this blog I may still be made ​​more private, quiet, scared and someone who does not care about their appearance. Currently I'm trying to change everything in life. I started changing my attitude from a more mature and do something by using logic and not just a moment of emotion. For I am now, I'm trying to make my body better look good. Not with a workout at the gym but by adjusting my diet. I see a lot of male bloggers who he was short like me anticipate that the more attractive appearance by forming a thinner body. Hopefully I can still survive until finally I succeed later. Amen.



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