Million Reason

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Stories For Rainy Days Vol. 02

Naela Ali is back with her book called " Stories For Rainy Days Vol . 02 ". Yes this is the second volume of her first book with the same title. In this book you read stories about life, love, friendship and another inspiration stories. And of course you can still see the beautiful of Naela's illustration. The different from vol.01 book, you can see many more illustration . If you love reading when rainy day come like right now, this book is highly reccomended to buy.

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That's What I Like

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Say You Won't Let Go

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Kiputih Satu , Bandung .

And this time I made a review of a cafe or a restaurant named "Kiputih Satu " in Bandung. The name is quite unique and simple, because it is located on the road kiputih number one. Thats why its name as it is. There, I think the place is very comfortable, the air is too cool, and inside there are some plants that make this place more cool and fresh. I came in the morning, there I am with ordering omelete sandwich for breakfast and drank oolong tea. What is unique about this place one there you can buy vinyl as well. There are a lot of vinyl from a variety of genres. You could say this place so one option for you to spend a weekend.

Address : Jalan Kiputih no.1A Bandung.

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Shape Of You

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RM Demangan , Jogja .

Another review post from my # JogjaTrip2017. This time I will make a review of a restaurant called Eating Demangan. The name is simple and grabbed my attention. Housed in an area in Jogjakarta named Demangan, the restaurant has a simple and unique design is worth a visit if you're on vacation in Jogja or may live there. Once inside I instantly love with this place, dominated by white color and a lot of plants that are hung, the fish pond, anyway you will feel comfortable when you are there. I came when lunch time so I just select a glut of food called "nasi campur Demangan" containing rice, grilled chicken, fried tempe, eggs and sambal. Complete and make me satisfied. To drink I just ordered sweet iced tea. Appearance food makes my appetite increased. Not only eat and drink, in this place you can used also as a place to take pictures. High reccomend place for you who are confused where are you going while in Yogyakarta.

Address : Jl. Demangan Baru No.19, Caturtunggal, Kec. Depok, Kabupaten Sleman, Jogja.

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