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Thursday, April 10, 2014

First of all, this actually is not my style. But I've just tried to post my outfit this week, Photoshoot without wearing socks or I have called SOCKLESS. If you're watching a variety show American Idol in 2014, you can see one of the contestants guy named Alex Preston. With a unique voice and was always singing with the guitar, he also has an interesting style dress and of course the most attention is her style without wearing socks. From him I was inspired to be stylish without wearing socks. And it turns out the style that I show to be young, fresh and casual. I actually lovers socks, but it looks like I will make it as one of my signature style. But I am compassionate yet confident to do this in public. But I will try it tomorrow when I come to an event called Pop Up Market. Hopefully I can overcome my shyness there.
And when I look at the site lookbook, many SOCKLESS style in there. Here are six of them.

1. Mikkel Weiss , Denmark.
2. Streetfashion101 , Europe. 
3. Ivan Moya , Spain.
4. Charlie Cole , Spain.
5. Florian Roser , USA .
6. Konrad D. , Poland. 


Vladimir G. said...

oh, i just now seen this, well thank you! :-)

Josh said...

Hi, just seen this, Thanks a lot for posting me on your blog!





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