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Thursday, April 3, 2014

After all this time, I am back with a post about styling inspiration. In the beginning I started a blog I've ever made ​​a post about the style of many famous people to serve as my inspiration. And starting this week every week I will show a variety of interesting styles that of course I like to be a post in blog.Saya decided to look it up on the website lookbook. Everyone will know that this website can be used as a very great source of inspiration in the fashion world. The reason I chose lookbook site because I think in addition to the many variations in the style of a variety of people in different parts of the world. So here are three styles that I take an example that may be an inspiration to me-and all of you readers. I chose the theme, mix & match for this week. I want to show if it's stuff we've got in the closet, we can make one as interesting outfit and certainly good to look at.


1.Matthias Cornileau , France. 
     Mix & Match : Printed shirt + stripes tie + grey blazer + blue rolled up pants + suede shoes .
 2. Ivan Chang , Taiwan.
     Mix & Match : fedora hat + polkadot shirt + black coat + stripes pant + white sock + vintage shoes & bag.
3. Paul Conrad Schneider, Canada.
    Mix & Match : white shirt + black cropped sweater + chreme chino pants+ stripes sock + oxford shoes.

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