A World Alone | September Issue

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

 KZL "WHATEVER 96" t-shirt | Niion BLVCK hipbag

I have my own world. 
World where I can do whatever I like without having to care about. Sometimes I am still confused as to what I might be destined to live alone. They say, human can not live alone. In the end someday humans will definitely need help from others. I have always believed that one day there will be someone who had been prepared by God to accompany my days.

As happened last Sunday. Later that night I had an appointment with my friend to spend the weekend together. But just a few minutes my friend suddenly cancel and told me to go alone. Its okay for me, I do not want to think about this. So I went alone to a place that is used as the location of my latest photoshoot.

Unlike my promise to wear bright colors, because this time I actually even look very simple. With a blend of black and white back. I feel very comfortable combining these two colors as my appearance. Would have loved to continue to wear these two colors as my signature style. But still not sure because I really like the color and pattern.


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