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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hey readers, i have a question for you now.
Who is the first commentator on my blog ???. The answer is Diana Rikasari, the owner of famous blog in Indonesia " Hot Chocolate and Mint ".
Maybe all know that the reason i made this blog because her. I don't know why, first time i see her on Gogirl Magazine as rated stylish article she's look amazing. Her style, pose and the interview reflects her pleasant personality. My first posting in this blog is about " a battle " of Diana and Susie ( from another famous blogger " Style Bubble " ) .
Thank you very very very much to Diana for all comment in my post. You're my biggest inspiration for me.

image diana rikasari from her blog...

Fyi : Diana Rikasari for bLOOP eNDORSE
WOOWWW......she's look pretty and cute
check her collection soon on
Bloop /Endorse/urbie store

image from here


Diana Rikasari said...

thank you so much, Tara :)

miss sassy said...

i'm sure diana will be flattered, but I bet you somehow give her a creep..LOL

michelle_ said...

yay for the diana rikasari collabbb !

great postt dear !
visit / follow / and comment me .
xoxo .
Michelle from Glisters & Blisters

Anonymous said...

"Her style, pose and the interview reflects HIS pleasant personality"

Ternyata Diana kdg bisa jadi cewek dan berubah jadi cowok juga ya?

ratu alay said...

@anonymous ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...

sumpah bahasa inggris lo masih parah banget .

cuma mampir :) said...

knp mesti fotonya disejajarin gitu ya?

Anonymous said...

Well...just because she's your inspiration, it doesn't mean that you need to pose like a girl, does it?

joe. said...

hmmm, judging from the opening line, you seem to make this post to justify your style,and most importantly, your pose..

well, to tell you the truth.. it doesn't fit you! at EFFING all! you're a man (i do hope you're a man), and Diana Rikasari is obviously not, and even do some males can still made it off while posing femininely, you are, unfortunately not in the list..

...and as for your grammar.. hmmm, cobalah menggunakan bahasa kita sendiri for a change.. menggunakan bahasa indonesia bukan berarti elo retarded dan ga siap buat mengglobal.. for your style.. i'm not a fashion conscious guy, not at all, having survived only by bargain bin items and such, but, i know that there's something wrong in you, and sadly, its not just your pose.

and, oh, learn to use some image editing program.. you can buy photoshop di mangga 2 murah kok, atau pake GiMP aja.. donlot di internet.. its cheap, because its FREEware..

i'm sorry for what i wrote, and if it offends anyone, just sounding my mind.. been a faithful albeit silent reader this past month..

TARA said...

- anonymous #1 : freak ?
- diana rikasari : thank you so much for leave u'r comment Diana :)
- miss sassy : :) LOL
- michelle : wooww thank for u'r comment,i'll give my comment back in u'r blog..
- anonymous : sorry :)
- ratu alay : what is the meaning of ROFLMAO
- anonymous : maaf ya kalo masih belum sempurna he..he..
- cuma mampir :) : ya gak kenapa-kenapa sich, cuma pengen aja fotonya disejajarin, gak ada maksud apa-apa kok , makasih udah mampir he..he...:)
- anonymous : jujur banyak kok model2 cowok yg posenya kayak gitu, meskipun gw bukan model tapi gak apa-apa kan
- joe : thank for u'r critic.

Jeffrey Andrean said...

ROFLMAO = rolling on the floor laughing my ass off

Anonymous said...

kayanya lo batu banget ya dibilangin.. your itu kalo disingkat ur bukan u'r !

miss sassy said...

"jujur banyak kok model2 cowok yg posenya kayak gitu, meskipun gw bukan model tapi gak apa-apa kan" did it again. smua orang dsini cerewet stengah mati bilangin lo supaya jadi diri sendiri..and yet you let the fame drag you out of the real you. jadi lo cuma pgn ikut2an pose para male models itu? hmm?

who are you?
show us the real you..
perhaps you're afraid that it won't turn out to be cool enough?
seriously dude, you ain't got the attitude to wear all those stuff you're constantly braggin' about in your blog. no offense, but it's true.

the clothes should fit you, not otherwise.

TARA said...

jeffrey andrean : wah makasih udah dikasih tahu artinya, jadi nambah lagi nih ilmu persingkatan he..he..

anonymous : oh jadi bukan u'r ya sorry dech masih salah.

miss sassy : bukan ngikutin juga sih gaya model2 cowok cuma habis suka bingung mau gaya apa pas foto, jadi suka liat aja pose2 model meskipun gak mirip sich gw sadar :) makasih ya sarannya

Anonymous said...

kalo ga tau mau gaya apa pas d foto,mending ga usah sok2an foto..

Anonymous said...

TARA, perbaikilah bahasa inggris kamu, karena tidak selamanya komentator kamu bisa jadi EDITOR BHS INGGRIS GRATIS kamu.

Kalo ga bisa bahasa inggris, kenapa ga pake bhs indonesia aja sih? dan kalau alasan kamu pake bhs inggris krn kamu punya byk international readers yang ngarep kamu ngepost pk bhs inggris, GA BAKALAN ADA YANG PERCAYA, TARAAAA..

be realistic, pleasee..

Anonymous said...

Diana Rika Sari juga nggak bagus ah, Susie Bubble wannabe

Witchybitch said...

Tara, ur a sad puppy, and not even a cute one. I don't like dogs but if u were one, Ill defitinely do anything to prevent u from coming out to the world. Metafora doang lho bkn ngatain
sebetulnya gue cuman mau ngomong, kasian diana, lo ga kasian apa sama dia?

Witchybitch said...

Eh tambah, lo nga ngerasaha ngerepotin orang? Beban tuh buat si diana, gue juga ga suka sih ya tp iba aja

congdong said...

bner tuh si bitchywitch, lo kalo mau memalukan diri lo sendiri jangan pk bw2 nama org. si diana tuh terpaksa baik sm lo. you don't have the skills to do this, then why force it?

Shanen Arantza Kurniawan said...

Diana Rikasari for BLOOP ENDORSE is totally fascinating :) success for Dee ! :D

nice post, tara .




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