When plaid shirt shining on Sunday

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Once upon a time on Sunday, i make this photo shoot !!! i'm so sorry to all reader maybe this is my last photo shoot. I want to take a break right now. So i hope u like it with my last photo shoot today...( i can't wait to make a new photo shoot soon ).

Dad plaid shirt, unbranded brown t-shirt, unbranded pant, EVERLAST shoes ( i'm sorry if i wear this ugly shoes again )

Have a nice weekend everyone.....
and Happy Fasting too !!!
Bye all.


Dhyn Hanarun said...

i never know boy can write blog about fashion, until i found your blog!

TARA said...

dhyn : everybody can do it, even boy like me, btw thank's for visit my blog !!

Anonymous said...

yaaaaaaah, kenapa yang terakhir? :(

Putri Erdisa said...

i love the first and 2nd pic! :D

Nathaniel said...

I'm sorry for ur dad. May he rest in peace



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