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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ok, readers !!! my new inspiration style is SEAN LENNON.
Anak laki-laki dari musisi legendaris John Lennon dan Yoko Ono ini pertama kali gw lihat saat dia berpacaran dengan model cantik Irina Lazareanu. Ternyata waktu search foto dia di Google stylenya keren juga. Agak messy dan classic.

Let's check it out Sean picture !!!!!
all picture by Google,,etc.

with Irina

with friend and girl's

with mom aka Yoko Ono

i like Sean blue suit

he like stripped t-shirt too

on magz photo shoot

Sean classic style

he is musician, look at that picture !!! Sean playing piano and Irina singing ( so romantic couple right ??? )


Anonymous said...


TARA said...

INKA : makasih koreksinya, emang susah banget ya namanya irina, tapi udah gw ganti kok, thank's ya udah dikasih tahu :)

Putri Erdisa said...

Oh i love Irina!
anwyay, Tara, i've been checking out your old posts all morning, and wow, i saw some harsh comments on each posts. gosh! those anonymous persons are just so cruel! i hate 'em.
well, all i wanna say is, GOD, you're darn cool!
i can't believe that you keep up posting after all of those harsh comments hit you badly! maybe if I were you, I'll be a lil bit shocked and stop posting about my pics and stuff. that's exactly what i will do. but what I see about you is, you do the opposite! you accept those comments and laughing at them! and you improved! oh heaven, that's the best thing! you improved, Tara.. your english even get so much better than before.
i'm so proud of you.
keep blogging, dear! :D

P.S. and for the anonymous, if you read this, please stop being unnamed. Don't be such coward person! that's all . :)

Putri Erdisa said...

ah one thing again!
sorry if my english even worse.. hahaha :P

TARA said...

putri : hey girl, long time no see on my blog..thank's for visit my blog..keep reading !!!




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