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Friday, April 9, 2010

Aloha readers,
Two days ago i got email from Alex. He's from France. He told me i can be featured in his online fashion magazine. To be a featured i must be a first contribution in the photo themes. There are many themes such as " True Blue ", " Music & Me ", etc. I choose True Blue theme. I'm required to wear clothes, accessories or anything that's blue.

So reader, score my photo contribution.
You can click here to score , or if you can see my blog in the left sidebar you will see there Score it ! after that you click the box that appears below the written Score it !. Just click number 0 - 5 for my score in that box.

Okay readers, score it before April 26th.
Good Nite all ;D

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Anonymous said...

jangan bilang lo dari indonesia ya.. malu-maluin

michelle_ said...

seems like an interesting web !
is it like lookbook ?

have a nice weekend !
MICHELLE || Glisters and Blisters

TARA said...

anonymous : ya iya gw dari Indonesia, fyi dari Indonesia yang ikut dalam kontribusi di majalah itu baru ada dua, harusnya kita bangga dengan negara kita sendiri, terlepas dari itu memalukan atau tidak setidaknya kita sudah bangga menjadi warga negara Indonesia :D, terima kasih commentnya ..

Michelle : Yup !! you must visit and being contribution too. Is not like Lookbook, but it's a new online fashion magazine. Thx for your comment ,dear ;D

Mita Afrianty said...

mudah2an bisa terpilih ya!

TARA said...

Mita : thank you,

Anonymous said...

hahaha bukan malu sama indonesianya tapi malu sama elo, bad impression banget gila

Anonymous said...

setuju ama yg ngasih komen terakhir.. gaya lo sumpah cuma bikin nama indonesia jelek. gw tau omongan gw parah, tp lo nya bebal kyknya. kehabisan kata2 gw, cis.. "well, good luck mate"

Anonymous said...

jangan bawa2 indonesia dong. ngaku dr planet mana kek. malu2in bgt tau

Anonymous said...

iya jujur malu2in wakil dari Indonesia lo...

dela said...

for anonymous.

at least he tries.
ga cuma kayak kalian yang ngomong doang.

keep trying.
i don't know why people are so mean, but usually the do it, because they're not able to do similar things, or having unhappy life.
i am having fun to read your blog, though you do awkward poses, but i never complain, because i've no idea, if i could do like you do.

Anonymous said...

the representator should be the best. and i'm sorry to say that you're not/ haven't. if i were you, i'd rather give this opportunity to those who more capable and truly reflects what the idea of fashion from head to toe is.




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