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Tommorow it's my day off. Oh my God i'm so tired after eleven day work. Just spent my holiday at home, maybe watch DVD , making a new photoshoot and sleep ;). Okay readers, two days ago someone send a message in my Facebook profile. His name is Nikko, he's invite me to join the fashion site Actually this site is look a like Lookbook.

check the site and don't forget to join..
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6 Comment:

michelle_ said...

i already join fafolie too :D

michelle || glisters and blisters

TARA said...

michelle : i know, but anyway congratulation for being featured in Fashion Jinx blog ;D

thank's for the information

Anonymous said...

What? New photoshoot?

Kok tiba2 perasaan gue jadi ngga enak gini ya...

michelle_ said...

no problem :D
visit/comment/follow me back at..
michelle || glisters and blisters

JA said...

favorite brands : banana republic , zara , topman , d'squared , missoni .
sekedar ngefans atau emang suka beli barangnya ? kayaknya pilihan yg pertama yaaa ..
yang nyata aja deh tara -,-