Pattern Day

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hell - Ooooooo readers. How are you doing in this sunday ? Okay this is my new photoshoot, i took this morning . I wore my new black vest from Bloop and pattern t-shirt. I love pattern stuff like t-shirt, cardigan, cap and many more.

Do you like this photoshoot ???? leave your comment..

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Bloop black double vest // pattern t-shirt // black pant
// black shoes // DIY stripe bag

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ricardo's oswin said...

nice tee , like that (your tee)

sii miemi said...

wow nice outfit...
i love ur style

btw i've linked u, mind to linked me back?

TARA said...

ricardo's oswin : thx, i like that ( my tee , off course ) LOL...

sii miemi : thx you girl, okay i linked u back :)

Jackrabbit Shop said...


michelle_ said...

great tee !
i love the black and white shots !
enjoy your upcoming week !
glisters and blisters

mibnufajar said...

You almost did it!
Like the monochromatic shirt+vest+pants combination.

the shoes' a fail.

dela said...

wanna know the truth?
well, obviously you've already improved your style, i like how you match your tee and vest.
but, after all i really suggest you to find better place for background. Maybe you still can take it in your room, but before it, you can place some wallpaper in your room. It must not be expensive, my cousin once made it from cutting of used magazine. you can see examples, here..!/album.php?aid=2027755&id=1168792349

TARA said...

michelle : thx u girl , i love black and white photoshoot too :D

mibnufajar : i'm agree my shoes is still fail.

dela : thx u dela for your recommendation, i'll try in my next photoshoot, ASAP ....




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