V - day shoot

When Valentine's Day, I went to Bloop to see the latest collection. When i was looking around, suddenly i was approached by a girl named Sisi. I also recognize this girl from the magazine, she recognized me as a blogger. Then she asked me to come take pictures with a big teddy bear. There I also met with the owner of Bloop, Widya. She was very friendly, she even gives a discount of 20% for t-shirt that i bought. Actually , she offers a pair of sneakers with the same discount plus will provide t-shirt that i bought for free. But since that time i only brought enough money so i just bought a t-shirt that's all.

This is a big Teddy Bear who 'll take pictures with me :

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Ps : just wait for the result my photoshoot with Teddy Bear, but you can see one of photos at my profile picture in Facebook.

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mibnufajar said...

Popularitas Tara berkurang.
Dah jam segini belum ada yg komen juga.

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Marla Singer said...

thanks for the bday wishes!
such a cute teddy bear =D