A pair of shoes is one of the most important parts when I travel. I am among those who rarely wear sandals, I prefer to wear shoes. During the year 2012 I had bought some shoes with different models there are sporty, oxford shoes, flat shoes and also shoes with bright colors such as red and white. Thank God, I was able to be given the opportunity to buy all these shoes from my hard work. It's nice to buy things from their own income. I have a favorite shoe in 2012. Flat shoes from a local brand called Junkiee be my choice. Since comfort is one of the important things when we wear shoes and Junkiee, giving it a sense of comfort. Love the color and stripes detail in that shoes.
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Photos above are my new shoes. Had long wanted a black shoe. And finally I was able to find shoes that fit what I wanted. I would wear it at last photoshoot in 2012.



Wynne Prasetyo said...

indeed. for some reasons the right shoes give you the biggest boost of confidence.


obat tradisional stroke said...

prices for shoes junkiee how??

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

nice shoes !

Hei Echa!