Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yeah i'm ready to wear this outfit:

grey sweater SENEN, D-I-Y stripped sling bag, chreme short pant CONVERSE, BROTHER brown shoes

to hunting many fashion stuff at SENEN...
wish me luck everyone !!!!


vorega badalamenti said...

sorry to say, but i think you have to improve and learn english harder more from now on.. to be a good fashion stylish or other.. and about your editing thing, your cropin' for those photos so bad, you need to clean and with a bigggg carefull touching. hope u can take my advice, but if u think i am wrong you can tell me for sure.
WL, Vorega

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

tara..pardon me..i've saw your blog and i guess your just forcing yourself to much to look stylish..but the fact is..nope.
It's not a "wanna bee's",dear..
You need to practice more in it.
Not to look "stylish", but to look "safe" first.
Don't wear a shirt with many absurd words,for exam.And you need to buy a proper and worthy shoes for sure. It'll usefull to complete your better look.
I hope you understand,friend..

Ouw..and improve your english please..

Thank you :)

Summer said...

i think they are both right friend.But we will assure you that we are here to help you.=) Don't hesitate to ask us if you need help or advise..=) Looking forward on your next post,have a great day ahead.=)

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Solo said...

We're with you friend.Just try to improve more on your English grammar,but we will support you friend.Looking forward on your next post.=)

Travel and Living

TARA said...

vorega: gw seneng bgt bisa dapet advice kayak lu, thanx ya , gw tau kok emang gw masih kurang dalam segala hal di blog ini, thx sekali lagi gw terima advice lu dengan senang hati....:)

TARA said...

ringa: sama dengan vorega tadi, thx ya udah kasih comment di blog gw, gw juga tahu di blog ini emang masih kurang dalam segala hal, tapi next time gw akan mencoba untuk lebih baik...tunggu ya :)

TARA said...

summer and solo: thx for u'r support...

Shanen Arantza Kurniawan said...

i agree with Ringa Dinga Boing Boing .
i may not be a very good or remarkable fashion stylish here, but am wroking on it :)
and one thing that you should take note : Being stylish doesn't mean being somebody else . Don't force yourself too much .
nevertheless, like what everybody has said here, we r ready to help you should you need advises or comments :D

lilylove said...

Hey there :)
Can't help myself from sharing some thoughts.
In the case of being stylish I think the wise thing to do is to give a peek on magazines.
No I'm not trying to sell out my magz though :) but in case you're interested it's going to be out at the end of June. Heehee. Well, magazine is a good source of inspiration because you can pick things up safely since all the editorials have been approved by the people in the fashion industry.
For us, the ones that live in the fashion industry, being stylish is not 100% due to nature. But practice and a lot of knowledge chip in too. And don't get fooled by people who claimed that they have superb fashion sense because sometimes we don't tell them that they're our daily jokes.
Then you can take the next step, pour your heart and soul to your clothes.

PS. It's actually 'wannabe'. Sorry, again I can't help myself. So sorry.
PPS. Oh and the job is called stylist. Stylish is an adjective. Sorry sorry sorry. I just want to say that I think you might want to fix your grammar first before you can start correcting others.
PPPS. I can give you some tips like I put in my editorials. Like some?

Have a good day :)

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

@ lilylove: ouwh thanks lilylove for your correction.
Just a little bit mistaken.

Shanen Arantza Kurniawan said...

oh yes lily, too enjoyed typing that I did not even notice that . And anyway, it's NOT at the end of June, but in the end of June. Not only me, you also need to learn more before correcting each other"


lilylove said...

TARA : maaf ya ganggu blognya :(

Aduh maaf ya untuk jadi orang ngeselin
Tapi untuk tanggalan, yang benar paiai "at", seperti : at the end of june
"In the end" memang betul, tapi kalau diterjemahkan jadi "pada akhirnya"
Pemakaiannya beda

Again, maaf ya
Bukan bermaksud jadi grammar police
Sorry sorry sorry sorry sejuta kali

Janice Nerissa said...

hahaha kocak abiss..

anyway, yes I agree with Lilylove.. sometimes my fingers do itch if I see silly grammatical errors..I feel like correcting them right away. LOL.
However, I also agree with Vorega and Ringa. you need to make some improvements on your use of English language. Or, just use Indonesian language if it is your first language. we're mostly Indonesian, anyway...

And another thing,, don't force yourself to be a stylish person.. read magazines and I'm sure you'll find many tips there.. I am not a stylist, myself.. but I keep reading fashion magazines and blogs so that I know more about the fashion industry.
ummm... and yeah.. If you have any doubt on what you are going to wear, just post your choices of looks and we are here to help you!


Ferinda said...

stop typing "pant" and "short", dearest. there are "pants" and "shorts" :)
learning photoshop may help you. I'd love to see your next posts because there is lack of male fashion blogger.
keep on your track!
keep shining, keep smiling.





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