NORD , Jakarta.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

First of all I want to say Hello October. Its new month already and I'm so ready with all planning that I have. So in the first day of October , I'm visited again newly coffee shop in Muara Karang area , Jakarta. Its been a long time not visited coffee shop. As usuall, I always go to there in earlier morning because I do not want to disturb other guests when I took a photograph there. When I'm arrived, the coffee shop not opened. After waiting not too long finally their opened. First impression when I viewed from outside the coffee shop is a place not too big. But I so love it when looking into this and see how good the design of a coffee shop called NORD . Its black, white and gray. Colors that dominate on the design of this coffee shop. Its so meeeeee! Fyi, I was the first guest to come in and order there. I ordered Iced White which is another name for cappuccino and peanut sponge cake. It taste good and the price is affordable. And most make me surprised, I did not know what time it is there barista, cashier or waiter others. But when I go there I just saw only one woman who served as a cashier, waitress barista at the same time. And you know what that woman as well as the owner of the coffee shop. The coffee shop has just opened since the beginning of this September. Anyway, you should immediately visit this place, for peoples like uploading photos on instagram, I guarantee you will find lots of interesting photo spots and very instagram-able.


Address : Jalan Pluit Karang Timur No. 8 Pluit - Penjaringan Jakarta Utara 

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