Kopi Kalyan , Jakarta .

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hello Sunday. I'm back again to make a review of a coffee shop that had just opened. The name is "Coffee Kalyan", a name chosen if I think so Indonesia . But it turns out "kalyan" is taken from the Sanskrit word which means lucky. It's so easy to find and so enter into, unlike most big office coffee shop that small place. This place is actually still in the development process, rather the finishing touch. There are several sections in this place is still in progress to be given the final touches. But overall you can see the difference yourself when go to this coffee shop. I ordered food that I think is unique is "Tape French Toast", the bread itself is made of handmade, combined with pineapple jam and vanilla ice cream makes it also interesting. To drink I ordered Basil Mango smoothies. It feels good coupled with a little taste of basil. Not bad at all for a taste. One coffee shop that you can visit this weekend. 

Adress : Jalan Cikajang No.61 Jakarta.

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