BEAU HQ , Jakarta.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lately so many cafe, restaurant or coffee shop that just opened. I was fortunate to learn where a place that just opened. If you ask where can I know, I know from Instagram. Yes you can find the most updated information about this there. 

And this time I visited a new hangout spot called "BEAU HQ by Talita Setyadi". Probably already know a lot about this place, but you could say this is the most recent location. It's very interesting, for sure you will feel comfortable when they are there. For you lovers of bakery or dessert, this is where you are looking. I was there on Sunday morning, before many other visitors to arrive I was on stand by there. I ordered a drink , Ice Chocolate and for the dessert I ordered Black choco eclair. The taste can no doubt, because of the taste and the price is very appropriate. So you need not fear the price is arguably not too expensive. Anyway, this place could be an option for you to spend a weekend. And one more thing I like about this place is the number of plants either outdoors or inside, making this place more beautiful and fresh.

Address : Jalan Cikajang No. 29 Jakarta



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