How I edit my photos on Instagram

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Peoples always ask me about how I edit my photos on instagram. And now I'll sharing about this. Its super simple editing photos. Check it out.

The photo before editing. 

Lets the started of editing process. 

1. Visit this website : , or you can download the app at google store or Apple store on your phone. 
2. Browse the photo that you want to edit. 
3. Choose the effect. 
4. Choose " too old " effect. 
5. Choose " Agnes " effect. 
6. After that you can reduce how much effect you want to use, usually I select in the 50 to 60. 
7. Crop the photos with the sizes that you want. 
8. Finished editing. 

 Andddddd here the result the photo after editing. Super easy right.

Note : If you think the photos looks so dark you can add the brightness and the contrast on Instagram app before you posting the photos.

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