Vidies and choco nut cheese

Sunday, March 21, 2010

These day i watch the music reality show " Dahsyat " in Bekasi Cyber Park. I want to see one of my favorite singer Vidi Aldiano , which i think has a character voice. Curently, i often heard the 3rd single from Vidi " Cemburu menguras hati ". As seen Vidi singing that song live i went straight home. I also bought Yogen Fruz cerepes with Choco nut cheese flavour. Besides Vidi i also saw Mulan Jameela, Soul ID and newcomer band Potenzio.

i like Vidi denim shirt, so simple..

Mulan Jameela new color hair : Blonde
she's said that new hair for her next video clip " Cinta Mati 3 ".
she's look pretty...

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Anonymous said...

yuck disgusting.. lo alay kan? tontonannya aja dahsyat...




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