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Monday, August 18, 2014

Do not believe when a person answers the question whether you are fine, with the phrase "I'm Ok". Because the sentence was only to cover the true state of that person. When he says "I'm Ok", in fact the person is not in good condition. Believe. We must have a sense of trust or not trust others. I am the type of person who is suspicious of new people that I know, even the same people who've known me a long time, including the type of person who is not easy to believe. Even so, sometimes when I use logic to trust people, I actually even lied to by the people. Taken from the positive side, God did that so I better future. 

Judging from some of the photos above that I took while I was on holiday in Bali last week, I look like someone who is desperate. I do not know why, maybe because carried away with the atmosphere at the location of the photoshoot this time. Beach. Again? . Yes because a lot of beaches in Bali. I look like so enjoy the beautiful beach with facial expressions of sadness and remembering things. But in fact, when I somehow always looks sad in the photo. It depends on my mood at that time as possible.


Wenny Yolanda said...

such a amazing place!!! super envy!


Novarinna Tan said...

always love the view of beach <3

Chic Swank

ediot said...

what a great place! looks so calming

e d i o t



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