+ Bali Trip : Day 3

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I can not explain how my activities in the third and my last day in Bali. To be sure to go to a place that is so one of my main goals to Bali, I have to use the help of a GPS and I finally met also. There are three places that actually is a restaurant with a unique theme and become the center of attention in the area called Seminyak. Three restaurant that is Motel Mexicola (this place is very happening discussed and many people want to go there), Sea Circus (there is one spot that I always see photo in Instagram, the seat pink background with colorful murals that are on the wall), and last Salty Seagull (where I tried gelato ice cream with assorted flavors). 

Last but not least, I thank God, because it was my dream to be able to go on holiday to Bali after nearly 10 years I was not there. Hopefully I can no longer explore Bali .see you soon Baliiiiiiii . :)


Wenny Yolanda said...

so artistic!


John Setrodipo said...

l absolutely fell in love with your blog, following you!<3
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Love John Setrodipo



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