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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hello readers !!!
Finally I'm back after a vacation for 3 days in Bali. Lots of happy thoughts I wanted to share with you all my blog readers. It was my first experience of a holiday in Bali. Maybe you feel strange, actually a descendant of Bali, I've been there quite often. But for a vacation and visit various tourist attractions, this is my first time doing it. And it's very fun. I am a person who loves traveling, visiting various tourist attractions that have not ever visited is one of the things that makes me happy. I always hold fast to that which can make us happy is ourselves. Because when there are other people who want us happy, whether we will be happy or not, it depends on our own.

Its all about first. 
The first time I went by plane. Rather tacky indeed, but I am very happy to see the beautiful sky and clouds directly and at an altitude from the Earth's surface. Selecting the first flight in the morning is appropriate. I can see when the sun is just rising. The sky became orange and white clouds still gather into one. One of the beauty of God's creation of the universe. Was nervous when I was on the plane because there must always enveloped negative thoughts that people, when they first did it.

My first destination after landing at the airport is Tanjung Benoa Water Sport. From the beginning I had no intention to go there, just because it's part of the journey that has been arranged by a travel agent tour, yes I would not want to go there. There you can choose a variety of water sports such as jet ski, banana boat, and much more. I was there only about 10 minutes to see the beauty of the atmosphere there and the bustle of people who do water sport activities. And I returned to the car and ready to travel next.

The next trip to the beach Pandavas. Beautiful scenery and there needs to be known for the way to the beach we could see the beautiful limestone hills made ​​by human hands, and there are also five statues of the five Pandavas. One of them named Arjuna, I had their pictures taken in front of the statue of Arjuna. For those of you who are planning to Bali you must see sights on this beach. Superbbbbbbb beautiful !!!!!

Next destination: Garuda Wisnu Kencana. One of the tourist destination presents a vast place in which there is a statue of a god in Hinduism is named Vishnu. There was also the head of the bird Garuda, which is all the large statue. You can also see the beauty of Bali from there and there are also dance performances.

After that, our last destination is Uluwatu Temple. Temple is a Hindu place of worship is located on a high cliff at the bottom right is the beach. Woahhhhh beautiful but also a bit dangerous. But the landscape is also no less, very nice.

In closing, while enjoying the sunset time. The place became a place for dinner is a beach in the area called Jimbaran. Even as the closing of the day we can still enjoy the beauty of Bali. The first day was very enjoyable, although when arriving at hotel  my feet sore and very tired. But it was all worth it with the experience I have gained.

That's my long story in 1st day. The reason why I am not just present the photos in this post is because I want you the reader not only seen photos but also can gain knowledge if you are planning a vacation to Bali. May be useful when reading and seeing this post. And look forward to the next post when I was in Bali on the second day.


Wenny Yolanda said...

kok pada liburan ke Bali semua, aku iriiii T_T


Ario Achda said...

nic pic tara !
pasti banyak bgt ambil foto ya :p

glad u had fun !

ediot said...

thanks for sharing your trip
looks amazing
I want to go there too

e d i o t



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