You & I

Saturday, May 3, 2014

You & I 
- One Direction -

I figured it out 
I figured it out from black and white 
Seconds and hours 
Maybe they had to take some time 
I know how it goes
I know how it goes from wrong and right 
Silence and sound 
Did they ever hold each other tight like us 
Did they ever fight Like us 

You and I 
We don't wanna be like them 
We can make it till the end 
Nothing can come between 
You and I 
Not even the Gods above can separate the two of us 
No nothing can come between You and I 
Oh, you and I  

I figured it out 
Saw the mistakes of up and down 
Meet in the middle 
There's always room for common ground  
I see what it's like I see what it's like for day and night 
Never together 
Cause they see things in a different light like us 
They never tried like us 

Note : This is my "new post" on my blog . I called this post with VIDEO & LYRIC . So you can singing together when you watch the video. Hopefully you like it. Happy Holiday all :)

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