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Monday, May 5, 2014

Location : Parking Lot 11th floor Paris Van Java Mall , Bandung. 
Tribal shoes by New Look.

In life we don't always alone forever. There are times when we need others. But somehow I was always alone sometimes. Is it because I am the type of person that is not easy to get along with others. I think not. I'm actually the type of person who is easy to get along, but sometimes people always see me as a different person. Back when I was a teenager, I felt a lot of bullying. But now with my age growing up, I already know how to deal with it. Just let it go, no matter what others say, as long as we are comfortable and do not disturb others. Follow your heart. I'm sure I will not always feel alone. There is someone that has been prepared by God to accompany my days. Just be patient.

Talk about comfortable . I feel that comfort when going on vacation for only a few hours in Bandung. Holiday very short, but quite memorable. My initial intention to attend the event Trademark Market 2014, as support for the local brand in Indonesia. Because when I arrive unopened entrance, I then went upstairs and re-create the photoshoot on the rooftop. Precisely at a parking lot that was new. Love the location. But unfortunately the air is too cold for me at that time. But this is the result. I love the photo. Very worth the chill in the air at the time.


MAYOUME said...

Nice casual look and great photos!


Anisacrament said...

Amazing backdrop and outfit!




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