Off White

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Location : Fine Art & Museum , Jakarta.

Always cheer up ,be friendly and helpful. At this time I was fighting against my attitude that I think is not good. A lot of good people, but sometimes our good misused by others. Now I'm learning to change all that bad attitude to me. And change it for the better, hope someday I can be useful to others. It's hard to be able to change in a short time. But when we are trying to change it, surely God will give way.

God's ways are also able to make me know the location where my photoshoot this time. We certainly would not imagine it turns out there is a hidden place inside a museum that is very good to be the location of the photo. It's like not being in a museum instead? But more to a little garden existing seat and the presence of trees. And for this time after my 1st photoshoot on 2014 called " A New Beginning " , i'm back again with white on white outfit .  White is one of my favorite color ever !!!!! :)


Anita said...

lovely blog :)

Rupsha said...

Love white on white. I've always been told to channel my negative feelings into something more creative. Hence I paint. Sometimes it hard though.

The blog. So cool ! x
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