Green Apple

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Location : Istora Senayan , Jakarta.
Bag by Niion

Hello i'm back !!! 
I am glad to be back making today's latest photoshoot and directly today I posted on the blog. Fresh! When I make a photoshoot, I feel excited and happy. That's the most important thing in life. How do we own to create happiness for yourself or others. Life will not always be sad and vice versa is always happy. We have to be balanced. Make something different from others. If possible, create our own happiness. Do not from others. Giving is better than receiving.

And I am also happy to have a new bag of local brand named Niion who live in Bandung. Yup! I all the way to Bandung to come to the event Trademark Market last week just to buy this bag. Look at the color. So bright and colorfull. Not only that but this bag also has the capacity to carry all sorts of much of my day-to-day needs. And the price is very affordable.



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