Everything Happen For A Reason

8:14 PM

Along the way home from work today I felt very sad and really desperate. About a week ago I became acquainted with a person (let's call it the person with the initials "R"). Actually it was pretty old "R" work in the same place with me. But I just know up close a few weeks ago. We then plan to go along together and eat at a restaurant. All went well, I was very happy to walk together. We talked a lot, until finally "R" to borrow money from me. Because at that time I did not have enough money to lend, I promised to lend when payday. It was time and I was instantly payday loan money. Honestly I have no feelings at all whatsoever when giving money. I really sincerely without expecting anything in return. I'm not the type of person who easily lend anything to anyone else. I am among those who do not readily believe when lend. Back to the beginning of the story, I had last seen the "R" in the morning on the 1st of this month. Two days later, I realized that was not met with the "R" in the workplace. After I asked was "R" has resigned. At that time I was really shocked to hear that. I was instantly stunned and felt very sad. That makes me sad not only because of the loss of money, but I am sad because of disappointment with the "R". Why is "R" undermines the trust I gave. But behind this I believe God wants me to learn from this incident. Learning to be more careful with people we just met. Everything happen for a reason. Keep smiling and think positive. 

Hopefully, this incident was not experienced by all of you. I am pleased to share with you all. Because by sharing my story so it could be quieter.

Happy Holiday.

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