Everything Happen For A Reason

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Along the way home from work today I felt very sad and really desperate. About a week ago I became acquainted with a person (let's call it the person with the initials "R"). Actually it was pretty old "R" work in the same place with me. But I just know up close a few weeks ago. We then plan to go along together and eat at a restaurant. All went well, I was very happy to walk together. We talked a lot, until finally "R" to borrow money from me. Because at that time I did not have enough money to lend, I promised to lend when payday. It was time and I was instantly payday loan money. Honestly I have no feelings at all whatsoever when giving money. I really sincerely without expecting anything in return. I'm not the type of person who easily lend anything to anyone else. I am among those who do not readily believe when lend. Back to the beginning of the story, I had last seen the "R" in the morning on the 1st of this month. Two days later, I realized that was not met with the "R" in the workplace. After I asked was "R" has resigned. At that time I was really shocked to hear that. I was instantly stunned and felt very sad. That makes me sad not only because of the loss of money, but I am sad because of disappointment with the "R". Why is "R" undermines the trust I gave. But behind this I believe God wants me to learn from this incident. Learning to be more careful with people we just met. Everything happen for a reason. Keep smiling and think positive. 

Hopefully, this incident was not experienced by all of you. I am pleased to share with you all. Because by sharing my story so it could be quieter.

Happy Holiday.

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Mitha Komala said...

hi kak, i feel sorry for what you have gone through. i never trust anyone fully except my own family, no matter how good someone is, i believe they have their own bad side(s). believe me that person will be slapped by karma as soon as possible! :)

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Arina Nahya N Nafia said...

Hi kak, just so you know, I experienced this kind of incident too, it is a different story because the person who borrowed my money was my own teacher. you may not believe me, but that's true.

disekolahku ada beberapa guru guru yang biasa disebut PPL, jadi kayak magang gt (untuk beberapa bulan) disekolah dan emang guru gurunya masih muda muda, ada salah satu guru yang paling akrab sama anak anak, dan kebetulan aku dan temen se-geng jg dkt bgt sama guru itu, sampe kita hang out bareng dan curhat curhatan gt.. dan suatu hari dia minjem uang ke aku dengan jumlah yg lumayan, akusih niatnya baik aja, apalagi dia my own teacher, jd kan gaenak kalau gak dipinjemin (I know you've felt this kind of feeling too, right?)but you know what? saat aku lagi butuh my money back, aku dapet pemberitahuan kalau guru PPL masa buat magangnya udah beres dan kebetulan guru yg borrowed my money itu emg dapet beasiswa ke jepang, jd dia emg udh gak di Indonesia lagi. Aku udah hopeless aja dan mencoba buat sabar, eeeeh beberapa bulan kemudian, si guru itu balik lg ke Indonesia dan minta ketemu sama aku buat bayar uangnya, katanya sih dia had a nightmare gara gara kabur.

so the point is... you have to be patient as sincere as possible and believe that everything happens for a reason because no matter what, What goes around, around, and around.. always come all the way back around:)

I'm pleased to share with you too kak:)




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