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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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How much do you know yourself? . Surely we really understand at all with what is in ourselves, our nature is good or bad, or many other things. But sometimes we also need to hear other people on our assessment. Because there are things that we can not see for yourself. We need other people, socializing life was necessary. Must we live this life, do not complain and are always grateful for what we can and we've got. Because the more grateful we can appreciate God's gift.

As much as possible I am always grateful. This time I did a photoshoot in the outdoors again. Somewhat different because this time I took a rare photo shoot location selected is the parking lot. Honestly certainly looks strange, and many are asking why should the parking lot? I see a lot of things can be in the exploration of the parking lot. The symmetrical shape of the building and the existence of illegal graffiti on its wall.

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I wear a shirt with a unique style of pattern. With black and white I combine it with black pants. I love wearing black pants because it sometimes makes my body shape looks so small. And I wear my favorite shoes. I am very confident when wearing these shoes, because it makes me look taller. For your information this shoe is the most expensive shoes I ever bought.

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Hello Naka said...

nice photos :) interestiong locations and tehe i used to play games to find out more about people but the game ended and people got hurt :(

dEwLiciouZ said... the accent of ur shirt's pocket :) and ur shoes too..

Yudi Darmawan said...

nice concept,

nice shoot,


michelle_ said...

your shirt is awesome !
where did u shoot these photos at ?

thanks for stopping by at my blog !
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