Sunday, March 6, 2011

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Finally today I can buy the latest album from one of a band from Indonesia called RAN. I remember one time I ever make a posting on their second album in this blog. And wholaaaaa !!!! now the three of them returned with a fresh new album. RAN name is taken from the letter before the members of the group that is Rayi, Asta and Nino. Nino as lead vocals, Rayi as a rapper, as well as a singer too, and Asta as a guitarist.

This third album entitled HOPE more and more modern digital because digital explores many sounds. RAN music is very different, except that in terms of appearance they are also always trying to look fresh by wearing bright colors. Actually I haven't listened to this album as a whole, but I'm sure I will not regret buying this album.

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RAN 1st single from new album " HOPE "
I really like the concept of their music videos :)

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And the contents of the album is is so cute with full of animation .

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Hello Naka said...

i like the artwork for the CD ^^

Audrey Allure said...

They sound cool :)

michelle_ said...

i'll be googling this !
the cover is cool !

Winnie said...

The cover looks really cool. I love anticipating new albums.

Sick by Trend said...

yummy!!! :)





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