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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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Before I knew it had entered a new beginning of the month of March, full of hope and new spirit. This month all Hindus including myself will celebrate the Saka New Year or the so-called Nyepi Day. We are taught to reflect on what contribution we've done for others, the world and to our own environment. Happy March!

Two day yesterday I did not create new posts on this blog. I really miss the past two days did not make it. By the way day last week, I'm with my friends to the Grand Opening Magnum Cafe at Grand Indonesia. Unfortunately so many people who come there, so we did not taste a variety of menus made from Magnum Ice Cream. I really like eating ice cream, especially chocolate. So today I started my first day off (today and tomorrow is my day off) to enjoy delicious ice cream Magnum Chocolate Truffle (my favorite flavor). It feels so good, addictive.

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Crowded in front of the Magnum Cafe

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Yummy .... :p

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regina stacia abigail said...

seeing your magnum make my tummy starving!

do visit my blog,


H-S said...

you should come... but maybe this past 2 or 3 days its still crowded..

ohh ya...happy march ;D

uchie suci utami apsari said...

im a big fan of magnum too:)


Anonymous said...

Sound interesting. I hope this spring brings me some change :-)
Love Magnum!

King Money said...

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fhen said...

i love magnum too!
wishing you a great month ahead!

Shirley said...

great pictures!
love the way you put your handkerchief there, amazing!


Cee said...

Love your shirt!

Anonymous said...

o em ji pose nya yang foto dr atas is so... so... so.... NO COMMENT



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